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Here is a project that I worked on over the course of October 2022. I wanted to create a spooky, stylized Laundromat for Halloween. I wanted it to have a Goosebumps type of aesthetic, and I think the coolest part for me was seeing the final set-up of this diorama in comparison to the sketch I drew of it. I ended up shooting this on my Black Magic 6K Pro, along with my Laowa 24mm probe lens, and it was an incredible experience. Shooting the tiniest room with such powerful gear really brought the project together.

I also reached out to Boring Friends to design the outdoor light up sign for "BRAINWASH" - and I think he nailed it!


You can watch the full wide version of it here on my YouTube channel

You can also watch fun videos of me building the machines and other things on Instagram or TikTok

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