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I'm currently working on a short film that takes place at a Drive-In movie theatre. The drive-in is closed for the winter, so all of the lights and machines are off, including the projector. The whole area is covered in snow as blistering winds pull in an unsuspecting visitor. So far I've built a "snack bar" in the shape of a large popcorn bag, and I've filled it with traditional Canadian treats. I've also built some other smaller pieces to go around the vicinity, like a retro entrance sign, and a community bulletin board.


Early on in the film, it is revealed that we are in Newfoundland, Canada. We're pulled down into an area known as the "Wreckhouse," which is a stretch of highway notorious for being nestled between the vast mountains of Codroy on one side and the open ocean on the other. At times, it can be so dangerously windy that large 18-wheeler trucks topple over.

So with that, I'm going to attempt to construct a large, (miniature), windy, snowy terrain. Wish me luck!

You can follow me on my journey here, or on Instagram and TikTok

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